About Real Time Trials

Real Time Trials was co-founded by the principal consultants back in 2010, bringing together the technologies (PV-Suite™) and the pharmacovigilance operational and consulting expertise. Establishment of Real Time Trials enables considerable international pharmaceutical R&D, medical affairs and business expertise to be leveraged. Today, that expertise makes us unique amongst drug safety service providers and is regarded by our clients as a highly desirable value-added reason to work with Real Time Trials.

Our service is aimed primarily at small to mid-sized biopharmaceutical and medical device companies, where the cost of meeting the increased regulatory and legal burden of monitoring the safety of products during clinical trials and post-marketing demands an efficient and reliable provider of a global drug or device vigilance system. 

Our specialist knowledge, technology platform, and a commitment to exceed regulatory expectations ensure our clients have a fully compliant and reliable safety system at a reasonable price. 

When working with you we promise you the following:


Accuracy: Ensuring rapid identification of key safety issues, and producing high quality analysis and solutions.

Reliability: Constantly monitoring quality objectives to ensure compliance metrics are second to none.

Integrity: Only taking on work when we can meet our own stringent standards and those of our clients and regulatory agencies. Our communication with you will always be open and honest with an accurate and reliable perspective regarding your product’s safety whilst always aiming to protect your product through its development and commercialisation.