Real Time Trials Services

Real Time Trials was created by professionals who spent a lot of time working for various pharmacovigilance departments and, through the understanding that they obtained, thought that there has to be a better and more efficient way of navigating through the process. The Real Time Trials advantage is a combination of experience-into-practice methodology paired with field-proven software.

RTT's Delivery Strategy 

Real Time Trials can provide you with services throughout the whole drug safety workflow: right at the start, by performing activities such as designing and implementing your pharmacovigilance structures and processes, through to helping you deliver an optimised safety system that will ensure you can meet your legal requirements. 

We can advise you on in-house implementation or provide you with an excellent outsourced safety service that is both intelligent and efficient. 

Our expertise in medicines R&D and their post-marketing support make us stand out from other service providers in that field.

We specialize in following three specific areas of need: clinical trials safety, post-marketing surveillance and design and consultation in pharmacovigilance processes and strategies.

Select one of our service areas or get in touch with us personally to discuss what you need.